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H-Alpha is a project about exploring the sky map through a selection of wave-length.


Stefania Borasca – Graphic Design

IC 434
IC 1318
IC 1396
M 42
NGC 1499
NGC 6960 – 6992
NGC 7000
NGC 7635
NGC 7822
Sh2 101
Sh2 155


Astrometricamente is a photographic project about my vision that is changed forever, my obsession for watching the dark skies and connecting bright points searching for constellations.

All the images are machine generated by a scientific astrometry software.




Divina Commedia

Divina Commedia is a photographic project about arts and the connection between images.


The project was developed under the supervision of:

Jason Fulford – Photographer / Artist

Leonardo Sonnoli – Graphic Designer


Wabi – Sabi

Wabi – Sabi is a photographic project about the Japanese aesthetics hidden behind the objects and their stories.


A photographic project about the need of the humans of reproducing natural in the artificial.